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Gridded historical North America climate data


Arguably the best available gridded data in Canadian latitudes comes from the high resolution forecasts of the Global Environmental Multiscale (GEM) atmospheric model and the Canadian Precipitation Analysis (CaPA) reanalysis but this dataset has a short historical record. The EU WATCH ERA-Interim reanalysis (WFDEI) has a longer historical record, but has often been found to be biased relative to observations over Canada. The aim of this dataset, therefore, is to blend the strengths of both datasets (GEM-CaPA and WFDEI) to produce a less-biased long record product (WFDEI-GEM-CaPA). First, a multivariate generalization of the quantile mapping technique was implemented to bias-correct WFDEI against GEM-CaPA at 3h x 0.125ᵒ resolution during the 2005-2016 period, followed by a hindcast of WFDEI-GEM-CaPA from 1979.

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Primary Developer:
ECCC, University of Saskatchewan
1979 to 2016

Spatial Resolution:

Temporal Resolution:

Spatial Extent:
Climate Parameters:
  • total precipitation
  • humidity
  • wind
  • radiation
  • average temperature
  • pressure

Approximate Dataset Volume/Primary Format:
412 GB/netCDF*
(*data available in subsets of full volume) GB=gigabyte TB=terabyte


None at present.


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