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Columbia River Basin historical/future simulated streamflow data


This dataset (described in more detail here) provides simulated naturalized (“no regulation, no irrigation flows”) daily streamflow data for specific site locations throughout the Columbia River Basin for historical and future periods, a simulated by a range of climate models, emission scenarios, and downscaling techniques.  Locations of streamflow data include several sites in the Okanagan Valley.  The River Management Joint Operating Committee released a report on the general findings of the study that produced this dataset, which provides a synopsis of methods as well as results for different regions around the Pacific Northwest (including the Okanagan Valley).

Last Updated:
Primary Developer:
University of Washington
1950 to 2100

Spatial Resolution:

Temporal Resolution:

Spatial Extent:
Columbia River Basin
Climate Parameters:
  • streamflow

Approximate Dataset Volume/Primary Format:
37 GB/Excel*
(*data available in subsets of full volume) GB=gigabyte TB=terabyte


None at present.


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